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04-02-2010, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Bort Sampson View Post
I wouldn't have laid the guy out right then and there.

Was the play still going on? Did the guy even have the ball? Did you get a penalty?

There's a lot of things you left out.

What was the score in the game? How much time was left? Is checking allowed?

No he was penalized on the play, the ball was at his feet so pretty much right after he hit her, the whistle blew. Yeah I got a penalty and a game misconduct (for dropping the gloves) he got 2 minutes for the initial hit and 2 for pushing me. The game I believe was either 1-0 or 0-0. We were only five minutes into it. In the coed league if you get 3 penalties you are automatically ejected, he got his 3rd penalty in the second period so he was thrown out, he took a high sticking penalty than threw his stick which got him another 4minutes and an ejection. Obviously checking isn't allowed, if the stick comes above your waist at any time you are penalized, except with the follow through after a shot, that can obviously go over your waist. Contact isn't exactly frowned upon but absoultely no body checks of any kind. Usually the way to go is the guys can get alittle rougher with other guys and the girls get more physical with eachother. People seem to keep bringing up examples of how girls can get just as aggresive in ICE HOCKEY as the men, what I'm having trouble getting across is this isn't ice hockey, it is a very very low level of COED ball hockey, most of the girls who play don't know how to properly hold a stick, are constantly off side and couldn't get a ball to the net if there lives depended on it, and alot of the guys aren't any better. The guys on my team are made up of men from a higher division, but the guys we end up playing are typically very chippy, they come to every game giving 110% and don't seem to realise the league is set up almost more like a weekend softball tournament where everyones there to have fun than as an actual competetive league. Seriously there are competetive coed divisions but in this one you have alot of older people or even very young kids who just want to go out, get alittle bit of exercise doing something they enjoy, they don't want to be mugged in the corner by someone who takes things way to seriously.

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