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04-02-2010, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by zbryne View Post
yeah all im saying is we have practiced wrist shots where your toes are pointing completely away from the net but when im in a game and skating toward the goalie my toes are facing the goalie so i cannot shoot like i would when im standing toes facing away from him
I know what you mean, there are two types of wrist shots. One type you transfer your weight onto your foot closest to your stick (when you are skating towards the goalie) and the other type you transfer your weight onto the leg furthest from your stick. That is the type I show in the accuracy video, and it is actually the way you will get the most power from your shot.

When you take that type of wrist shot (like you do in practice) you should also use your legs to add power to your shot. If you push off with the leg closest to your stick, it will naturally point your other foot / leg towards where you should be shooting.

Most young players do not realize that a lot of power from your shot comes from your legs, and also your core muscles (like your abs) that is why it is important to rotate your upper body when you shoot, and also use your legs

This might all sound overwhelming and confusing at first but after learning this it will slowly come to you, just keep practicing, and try improving a little at a time.

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