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Originally Posted by The Messenger
lots of irony in your post ..

First Corey Locke in his first year often playing a similar role that Williams for the Leafs, younger, smaller and adjusting to the AHL and seeing limited ice time is tied with Chris Higgins in the AHL this year. Is that good for Locke or bad for Higgins ??

At this stage both being AHLers still however together their AHL totals combined are below the Wonder kid Welly ?? All have not made the NHL which is the goal .. but since we don't have a Crystal Ball we will have to wait to judge that .. but as AHLERS I think the point is made ..

Second the Entry Draft by nature is a huge crap shoot with a very high failure rate .. You some times have to wonder what these scouts are doing in fact ... that a person with the Central Scouting Bureau list in front of him and a casual fan can do from his own couch that it took a scout to do ...

Among the Top leaf prospects are Kyle Wellwood (5th round 134 overall) & White (6th round 191 overall) and Jeremy Williams (7th round 220) , Now Welly lead the OHL in his draft year in scoring .. Ian White was the 32 goals and 79 points to lead all WHL dmen in scoring and Williams had 41 goals 98 points good for 7th in the DUB ..

Now scouting with all their travel and personal viewings and scouting were selecting John Doherty, Konstantin Volkov,David Turon, Nicolas Corbeil etc etc, ...not to mention the skill it must have taken in Luca Cerada, Kris Venarsky, etc etc with high picks ...

Now if I had nothing but the CHL scoring stats in front of me I could have done what the Leafs did .. I would have taken them higher based on their performances but what would really have been the difference ..

I firmly believe that these scouts often are so brainwashed looking for the prototypical NHL prospect that they refuse to look at results ..

Who would you rather have in the Leafs organization ??.

Welly or Harrison, Corbiel, Pilar etc??
White or Ford, D'Amour, Turon ..
Williams and Mitchell or Doherty, Volkov or Sagat ??

So when you actually take a step back and look at what is happening, it tells a very different picture ..IMO

Now I could understand if they are uncovering players that where not highly regarded and make them sleeper picks taking them late but taking the highest scoring kids in Junior Hockey and drafting them lower ..

Well that begs a different question as to what scouts are really doing.
so you would have taken corey locke first overall in the 2003 draft?

i don't totally disagree with what you're saying. maybe scouts should spend less time looking to see how fast a guy can skate or how big he is and more time looking at what he actually does on the ice. but, the reality is that they don't do that. speed, size, strength, defensive play, etc. all come into play so saying that higgins is a better prospect then wellwood is not unreasonable.

maybe nhl teams are just wasting time and money with scouting staffs. just look at the stats and draft in order from there.

i also think there were not many people who didn't think welly, white, and willy would be very good ahlers. welly is proving it now, and white and willy will get better and become very good minor leaguers. there wasn't much doubt about that when they were drafted. so i don't think they have done much yet that people didn't expect from them. i'd hold off on the i told you so speech to these enemies of yours.

chris higgins? i've seen him play a few times and i've never noticed him. but he's a first rounder and the habs seem to like him so he'll probably play in the nhl. but maybe he's matt higgins all over again for the habs.

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