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02-13-2005, 09:11 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR469
this would prevent teams from tanking, it would prevent teams from selling off their players at the deadline
It would put an additional burden on those teams, maybe an unfair one.

Say Pittsburgh gets a decent offer for Kovalev at the trade deadline. They'd LIKE to trade him, but do they dare to do so knowing that it could kill their chances at getting the #1 pick? I'm not talking fire sale here; I'm talking teams making legit, discriminating trades that return value. A tourney like this would pretty effectively kill trades for draft picks. Teams would think VERY hard about the risk of trading a quality roster player for a draft pick knowing that losing the roster player would hurt their chance at the #1 selection.

In effect, every lower level team would have to ask itself two questions:
1. Am I getting value for the player I'm trading?
2. Am I getting value for the #1 pick in the draft?

The more I consider it the more I dislike it. Good thing it'll never happen.

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