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04-02-2010, 11:30 PM
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boom boom,

you still havent made a list of all the positives he does.

what are they?

And i did answer your question. The point you were trying to make was telling me that different players have different purposes on a team. True. Your examples were pretty bad, you gave me Callahan and Del Zotto. Neither player has Rosivals contract. Rosival may be a different type player than what i expect him to be, but then again those "types" of players do not usually get paid 5 million a year do they? Thus i will expect the production that he gives to be that of someone of comparable salary. Let's not even go into Redden, he's an abomination.

I don't care about the stats! If you always go on stats then you will never get the real picture of a player. You can tell me Rosival averages 1 turnover a game for all i care, his play still sucks. There is absolutely no way that he's a 5 million dollar defensemen. Mike Komisarek was signed for 5 million dollars this past offseason. He has never had as many points as rosival had last season (30) in his career. However, he's an overall better defender than Rosival, he's more physical than Rosival, he's had to guard the opposing team's best players game in and game out every game. However the stats really don't show you that do they? They show you that Komisarek is less productive than Rosival. So are you telling me Komisarek is a worse overall defender than Rosival is... because of the stats?

I dont care if Rosival is forced out onto the ice during power plays. If he's on it he has a job to fulfill. He doesn't do it. What's he a professional athlete for if he can't adapt to what the coaches tell him to do? He doesn't fulfill his role on the power play as he should. He's being paid 5 million, you'd think he'd be able to learn in the span of 3 years how to do that correctly. Anyone else who can't do what they are told to do in a regular job, im not talking about professional sports, would get fired if they are not able to do it, and their job would go to someone more suited and capable of performing the assignment that is given to them...

Rosival doesn't sacrifice anything. I'm not praising him for any extra effort he's doing... because he's not doing any extra effort! He doesn't give up his body, he's not strong enough in the lower body to be able to fend off incoming players. Thus we usually see rosival try and get rid of hte puck without thinking to avoid being hit. Sometimes he's too late and he gives hte puck away as he's being hit. Either way the puck usually ends up on someone elses stick. I've never heard an "experienced hockey fan" praise rosival. So i dont know why you're bringing them up. The player they praise is not in a rangers uniform.

Pay credit to what? Rosival is a mediocre defenseman at best. He has flashes of playing good, and longer flashes of playing bad. On normal occasions he's invisible in the game. In no case is he worth 5 million dollars and thus i will most likely never praise him for anything unless he somehow wins a game in the playoffs for the rangers of some significance. Until then you wont hear any positive remarks out of me. He doesn't go above and beyond his job requirements, in fact he scathes off bare minimum. Essentially he does his job, for that i see nothing praise worthy. You people must have low criteria for offering praise if you give it to rosival. He's being paid 5 million dollars for this and he's doing a terrible job of actually earning that money.

I've noticed ive spelled rosival wrong. i dont care, live with it, it has nothing to do with the argument at hand. it wont strengthen what you are trying to prove. i spell his name wrong, whatever, doesnt mean he's a better defenseman because you pointed it out.

Ok lets say 550k - 1 mill.

Drew Doughty's gets paid .875 mill a year. I'm not talking about his cap hit, im talking about the salary he is being paid. Are you telling me Rosival is roughly 5 times better than Drew Doughty?

Not so far off

Duncan Keith is paid 1.4 mill a season until his extension hits. Before that extension are you going to tell me that He was roughly 3.5x worse as a defenseman than Rosival?

Rosival is not worth near 5 mill. Maybe i was exagerating with being worth 550k but at tops he's worth 2.5 mill and thats being generous when thinking Duncan Keiths cap hit is 1.7 mill or so until his extension kicks in.

Admit defeat? LOL. I dont care what your opinion is of Rosival, you just don't live in reality. When someone is being paid for a service, especially the amount htey are being paid, then they best do a damn good job of it. Rosival does not, i dont know how you can defend his play. I'm not the only one who's noticed. Was it that far ago *cough umm 1 month and a half* that the garden erupted in boos everytime rosival touched the puck? How about last year, when they were lifting Bathgate and Howells jerseys to the rafters, and Rosival helped out, and he got unanimously booed by the crowd... that didnt trigger anything for you? Or did you think all fans int he garden were as "clueless" as me in regards to rosivals play? I may be biased negatively but atleast i dont have this fantasy idealist picture of michal rosival in my head. His play stinks, and until you, and glen sather realize that these players are bad and are not worth signing, the rangers will not be a good team.

"You fool me once, shame on you... you fool me twice, shame on me..."

Can't wait for whoever the next player is you start defending thats not worth it.

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