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02-13-2005, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by R0CKET
The PAs approach to negotiating is like bowling with a curtain put up in front of the pins.

You throw a ball an then it goes behind the curtain then you hear a crash and and someone on the other side yells back "you missed 4 pins, better luck next time". Then you get another ball and so it goes.

The NHLs offers have have been different every time yet the the PA refuses to TELL the League how they might be improved to move each offer more toward their needs. They just basically say no...missed again, too bad, good by.

The last offer was even the PA's own deal to the League and the PA didn't come back with any way to move the offer into any kind of an acceptable position. Just the missed.

The PA isn't really opposed to a Cap that, what they are against is any form of negotiation.

How does anyone consider thier approach to be a negotiation when they have one offer and no counters to the 4 presented to them (including their very own offer)?

I don't know shiat about legal issues but to the average person on the street I'd have to say that if the Laws of this country DON'T give the League an impasse decision then there has GOT to be something basically wrong with our legal system.

The PA's dug their own hole by not countering these offers, bad as anyone may feel them to be.

If the crazy SOB Goodenow goes to the end today with no additional offers or counters then the sooner the League gets into court the faster we'll all be seeing this sport get to be played again.
The NHL offers are offeres that the players dont even want to look at much less try to work with. Did you look at the NHL's last offer when they made it the Union's offer BUT added those 4 triggers? One trigger was that only 3 teams can go above the 42 million dollar payroll. The plan said that there would be luxary tax after 42 million and it would increase after a 45 million dolldar payroll. So, whats the point of making it the unions plan when only 3 teams can use it? Atleast 2 of the triggers could have easily been reached and if they were it would go back to the owners offer of a payroll of 32-42 million. Union won't accept a 42 million dollar payroll........

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