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04-03-2010, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Ahh did he? Announcer said it was not that hard of the shot. Didnt hear who he beat though. Other then that, how was his defense? It might have been hard for me to hear whats going on, when the announcer keeps talking about Gustaffson and how good he is (even if I like the announcer).

What was your taking on his play?
Was playing man on man on the forward for the Crunch who scored. Guy was skating with the puck from one circle to the other and fired off a backhander that went in. Granted, Teslak should have stopped the shot, but Gustaffson never made an attemp to either knock the puck away or force the forward off the puck. Basically like guarding someone in basketball without getting your hands up to make it harder.

Think he was on the ice for the goal after the 5 on 3 PP too. If I remember correctly, he was paired with Curry

Still, it was his first game. I can away impressed and think he will be a definite bright spot next year. Phantoms scored 2 power play goals in one game, which is noteable considering how bad the man advantage has been this year. Gives me hope that we can get rid of our "veterans" on defense. If I have to endure another year of Curry playing awful defense and passing the puck in front of his own net 3 times a game, I'm not sure how many games I'll actually attend.

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