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Originally Posted by qwas View Post
My 16 yr old son uses Harrow exclusively. He broke two shafts this year, 75 flex, so I purchased an s-3 Easton that I thought was the same flex lie and curve. He tried it and couldn't handle shoot or control the puck for three games. I managed to find a 110 flex harrow for him and he immediately was able to do the things he could before, he scored a hat trick first game back with the harrow which was three more points than he was able to get in three games with the Easton. Should mention that he used the 75 flex Harrows for almost three seasons before he broke them so not too bad for usage. Any way long story short I will get him a couple of 90 flex shafts, the 110's are a little too stiff for him as he uses a wrist shot almost exclusively when he plays forward, for next year. He is 6'3" inches in bare feet so the shafts are perfect for him, long enough. He played "A" midget this year and was AP'ed with our local Jr. "B" team.
Your son may have just outgrown the 75 flex and that was why they broke, he is strong. You didn't mention his weight but a flex should be about half of his body weight, that isn't set in stone but it is a good starting point.

I weigh 245lbs and if I used a 75 flex it would snap so I use a 100flex and up.

As far as harrows feeling differently they do ... I handled a couple of expensive sticks this past week while getting my skates sharpened and the expensive sticks felt blade heavy now that I am used top the Harrows.

That could be what your son was experiencing.

I love the harrow balanced feel of their sticks. Fantastic, I know i could not use anything else now so i hope this young company gets going more so others can see the difference.

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