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04-03-2010, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Ashe View Post
Disagree. PP goal is Defense fault.
Second goal : defense fault
PP goal : Gonchar has a rocket, and moose was partially screened.
OT Goal : Meh. I wouldnt expect a shot to be that accurate without looking at the net and travelling that fast.

Moose saved us a ton. Just we arent very good 4-4. Going this late into the stretch against a team like pittsburger. Also you cant really compare caps/Pittsburgh chances, as the Caps game was one of the best defense games we've had all year. This one was a combo of good and bad. Either way, We'll get get the win next week from them, and break crosbys hand in the process
I won't argue the first 2, but Gonchar's the replay showed Moose saw coming and just didn't get his glove in front of the shot. His reaction time was too slow. He may have thought he was closer to the post. But he got the tip of his glove to it but not all of it. He doesn't have the reflexes anymore. The last one, that was just weak. No, that is a luck goal, kind of reminds me of the Hossa one against the Canes a few years ago where he shot it from the corner and it went in. But that went through Moose's 5 hole, he has to stop that. That is just weak.

My whole main point though is if the offense doesn't score a lot for Moose, the team doesn't win. He has given up 16 goals in 6 games, if you take the shutout against the Canes out of it, he is averaging a GAA of over 3 a game. That just isn't going to cut it right now.

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