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02-14-2005, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by wilka91
I'm half-Russian (mother) and my dad is half-Czech/American. He's always been a Czech hockey fan.

Ahhhhhhhh.... Now it all adds up. :lol

Originally Posted by MiamiScreamingEagles
Have you read this account on Legends of Hockey?
Yeah, I read that one a while back and enjoyed it. Just re-read it and enjoyed it again. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Again, thanks to both of you though. I appreciate the response.

edit: Hot ****, look at those stats for his Czech team. Absolutely redonkulous. I'm glad I clicked back on the link and scrolled down. I knew how dominant he was in international play, but I'd forgotten all about his play for Slovan (and while I'm not a huge proponent of using stats to judge a player, his Extraleague totals speak volumes I just don't think anyone can ignore).

Y'know, and this is just me ranting some useless peacenik rant, but it really is a shame we couldn't have all just gotten along and let these guys play across the pond if they wanted to. Imagine what he could've done if he'd played here, in his prime, and was better adapted to the NA game. Not saying he's Gretzky or Lemieux (or even Kharlamov), but I would guess a long string of 100+ point seasons from him wouldn't have been an unreasonable expectation.

Also, for anyone else who's interested in learning more about old Soviet and Czech players from before the fall of Communism, I'd like to reccomend A Century of Hockey Heroes, by James Duplacey and Eric Zweig. They went out of their way to take a look at some of the old Soviet and Eastern European players your average NA fan knows nothing about (and, yes, I know it was written for kids, but hey, I'm still a kid at heart. Plus, I have a degree and very good GPA from a top tier university. So there.

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