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02-14-2005, 06:58 AM
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i don't like what i'm reading in the papers this morning...interviews with both owners and players don't have that sound that something good is imminent to me,both have this wistful "wish we could have done this" type of sound...

i'm afraid the leagues new tactic of unsilencing the owners Friday,so that they could pressure their players to seek a "vote" has come too late...shame too,because i think the owners are dead on,that a true secret vote of the 700 players is what goodenow and the player reps fear most...i think they're scared to death that their hardline stance would be repudiated by the membership if it were really voted on at this point....but evidently this pressure has come too late to really get that groundswell of revolt going in the player's ranks...the owners should have done this (plant the seed for a player revolt) about a week ago if this weekend was truely the dropdead date for a fragment of a season...

maybe i'm wrong,and maybe some magic solution comes from nowhere tomorrow...but i just don't feel or hear it from either side this morning that a partial season saving agreement is just around the corner...instead i get this feeling that we're watching the NHL as we know it slowly dissolve and come apart at the seams

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