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02-14-2005, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
And you are getting these #'s from where?

"It seems to be the pattern with the NHL. You have a few big mouth player reps that like to act tough and they don't represent the majority of the players and how they feel."

Really? And how do Bettman's 8 necessary to cancel a season represent the majority of owners? Can't the same thing be said about them that you are trying to say about the NHLPA?
True Blue, you can't say its the same, because the owners agreed, to the 8 owner veto. I don't think that a player making 200k has anywhere near the same feelings of a Jagr or Holik does about this lockout. Although they are both losing money, I think we can all agree the player losing and making only 200k is who this lockout will really affect when all is said and done. All a guy like Holik is thinking is that the gravy train is over!

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