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02-14-2005, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Pure Slaughter Value

It would be a gamble, that's for sure!
it's a bigger gamble than it would be in any other year though, given the uncertainties around the NHL.

What happens is there is a cap? Ottawa's payroll is already high, and they aren't exactly a market that can keep up with a high luxury tax, if there is one.

right now teams don't know what to expect - and in any such situation - in ANY business in the world, all gambles are that much more risky, and all organizations avoid taking them until certainties become more clear.

best case scenario is that Ottawa wins a Cup with Fedorov - now calculate the % of that happening.

worst case scenario is that Ottawa loses in the first round, Hasek is hurt and they are forced to go with Prusek as their starter in the playoffs, while Fedorov's salary plays a huge role in not being able to re-sign Hossa and/or Chara, etc...

how much better off is the team?

basically - and I think you totally fail to understand this point - asset values are based on a lot of things, not just the skill level of a player - and salaries, contracts, implications on a CBA and the current NHL fiscal landscape, and right now all that weighs in much more heavily than skill. We're not talking about a Cup anymore, we're talking about the long term strength of a franchise. we're also talking about a huge labour war, where a small market team dealing away a future young talent on a workable contract, for a high priced vet on a multiyear huge contract, is not going to play into what the ownership and NHL is trying to do. Ottawa - and the league would interfere here as much as the NHLPA has interfered with players speaking out for resolution - would simply not make a deal like this given the CBA situation.

Players like Fedorov have little value ... Havlat is too much to give up for that. If Ottawa wants Fedorov, IMO all they'd have to do is let Anahiem know they can take that contract off their hands, and it wouldn't take anything close to Havlat to get it done.

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