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Originally Posted by stick9 View Post
Reebok makes a non knit sock and you can also find mesh socks.

Thing is, it's not like no one is trying to come up with something new. They just haven't found anything that performs like a good old knit sock. My biggest beef with mesh socks was if you went down to your knees you slid for miles. The durability wasn't all that great either.

Pants and equipment in general have come a long way since when I started wearing gear to play....wearing 70's gear during the 80's. That said, pants are still pants. They are way more protective, but just as light and just as mobile. I don't really think you can fully appreciate just how far things have come until you play or even see some of that old stuff.

Google Cooperalls. That was the last great venture into new age pants and socks.

Inline hockey uniforms seem more radical or innovative, but I prefer the old-school look we have with knit socks, etc. I wouldn't want to change it at all.

Apart from that, NHL uniforms get upgraded, sometimes in terms of team logos, sometimes with a new colorway.

Maybe the 'socks and short pants' permits better knee bend than full length trousers, who knows.

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