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04-04-2010, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by kyko1827 View Post
locke really didn't show much, granted he only played about 5 minutes. and on a side note voros tweeted with a picture that him gabby hank and aves are going on a boat today. i guess seans feeling better, rather than rehabbing hes going on a boat in tampa
You know he isn't rehabbing? You can say this with certainty?

I just concluded a 3 month P/T cycle for a rotator cuff injury.3 times a week,90 minutes each visit.9am-1030.

You know what? After P/T I was still able to go out and do things.

The level of Avery hatred around here is comical.As is the hypocrisy.

Everyone was clamoring for Heatley at the beginning of the season.Personally, I'm not all that enamored with someone who ended the life of another human being in a drunk driving accident.Ever seen a friend or loved one in a casket because of some $#@ just had to get behind the wheel after having a few or a few too many? I have, its one of the worst feelings in the world.

I have zero tolerance for DWI related fatalities.Heatley should be in jail, not gearing up for the playoff run.

Heatley KILLED someone but virtually everyone was still salivating at the prospect of having him on the roster.Avery shoots his mouth off and doesn't fit the generic hockey player mold and people are absolutely losing their minds over him being on the team,a disgrace to the sport, the city, the noble game of hockey and he should be taken out and shot.

Causing a death or hurting feelings, what is the worse offense?

Avery isn't a saint, but he also hasn't ended anyone's life because of his actions either.

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