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04-01-2010, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by gabeliscious View Post
how are you so sure about boston/buffalo/nj?

assuming your right, what could boston and jersey offer to equal or beat your proposed buffalo deal of stafford, butler, 1st?

i would be shocked if we traded with boston again for a while. we would basically want our draft picks back from them which i dont think they would give up. assuming we could get back the 2011 first, 2nd, and 3rd (not sure who has the 3rd at the moment) at least we can play the kessel game with the ducks and try to get ryan. if burke has this in mind then im game.

there isnt too much on jersey that interests me to be honest. im not completely sold on clarkson and i doubt lou would let him go anyways. tedenby seems a little small for burke and they gave their 1st to atlanta in the kovy trade so there isnt too much to excite here other then josephson (sp?).

i guess buffalo of your 3 guaranteed teams has the best to offer although i would try to get ennis in a deal with buffalo. i think hes gonna be legit.
Wheeler, Hunwick, 1st is basically the same.

That Buffalo deal is basically a inconsistant 2nd line winger, a fringe defencemen and a late first round pick. Colour me unimpressed.

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