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04-04-2010, 04:45 PM
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Here's a vid of attempting some traditional weight transfer shots. I know the power isn't there, but I'm more focused on just trying to get it down right now. I feel like i'm doing ok with it, but I'm always open to some constructive criticism.
Nice, it looks like you are getting a lot more power now than in the last video. It doesn't look like you roll your wrists during the shot, so that might help you get a bit more power and accuracy. Basically right when the puck starts to come off the ground, you want to flick / roll your wrist. That keeps the puck nice and snug to your blade, and gives it just a bit more velocity, plus helps with aiming (if you do it right)

Good job

Also when it comes to shooting every player develops their own style, the key is finding what works for you, but also try not to develop bad habits.

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