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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I don't see what all the hubbub is about thinking roller hockey pants don't belong in ice hockey. They are cool, much cooler than pants and socks. They are also a lot less restrictive than hockey pants.
Cause they look ridiculous. Especially when you tape over them.

I have always hated roller hockey uniforms. They are silly looking and the pants flopping around the ankles just looks lame. In my personal opinion of course.

I dont see how people complain about socks being hot. I've never felt my calves are too hot.

I do hate getting dressed, but its just cause there is a lot of crap to put on. I dont see how any of it could be streamlined much though. Already, the jocks that have the velcro on them for socks is great cause the garter was a pain. As a kid, my mom would sew my socks to a pair of gym shorts so I'd just slide them all on at once and pull the pants on over them.

You dont want the pants and socks to be part of the same piece of gear cause I go through socks much more often than I go through pants. having to replace both at the same time would suck.

I guess I'm just a traditionalist and think the look of the uniform is great in hockey and I dont see much in the way of being able to make it more efficient.

Hell, look at baseball. That is also a traditional look, or football too. Uniforms have looked basically the same forever, hockey is the same and should stay looking the same. Half the reason Cooperalls didnt work was because of the look. People didnt like the long pant look. What Cooperalls did was bring forth the idea of a girdle for protection and the idea has lived a long life with a normal "shorts" looking shell instead of the long pant look. However, some dont like the girdle feeling (like me). I like the traditional loose pant fit.

One thing I've thought of recently would almost be more of a goalie style upper body garment for the skater. Something in which the elbow pads were part of the shoulder pad (connected to the bicep pad) so that I wasnt constantly trying to keep my elbow pads from sliding down my arm.

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