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Originally Posted by nystromshairstylist View Post
I own the retail version after going to the LHS, and couldn't tell much difference between the 2, perhaps the "pro version" is a tiny bit thicker, but they were nearly identical.

Both just have the front velcro tab, so I splurged and had my local tailor sew one on the back.

I cannot recommend them highly enough compared to the sauna that is the old-fashioned sweater sock. Those following my other posts can tell that that is my least favorite item by far of any hockey gear, right ahead of shin pads that need shin straps or shin tape because the manufacturer went the cheap route

I'll throw in a plug for the online store I bought them from:

Good people there - plus they had solid colors in stock like black, navy, etc., which no one else seemed to have lately.
you sure you saw the "pro" version? the pro version does not come with velcro at all...i have 2 pairs of pro's, and yes, as was said earlier, the material is a bit thicker and robust. the pro's also come in different sizes...L, XL and XL+. retail edge is pretty much XL.

i do notice a bit more breathability but nothing substantial. i'm actually thinking of getting rid of mine and just going with traditional from here on it. just don't think they're worth it in the end.

btw, the reason the retail edge socks only have 1 velcro tab in the front is that they were designed to work in conjunction with the 9k hockey pants that have an integrated velcro section to hold up the edge socks.

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