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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Don't get me wrong, he is a great player but guys like that can kill a team when he is the go to guy all the time especially in the playoffs where it is nowhere like the regular season time and space. They found that out last year.

I don't like the cheap hits he has given out, I do not care that he just plays all out all the time ... there is a limit.

He would be a much better player if he paid attention to his own end as well.

I dislike how he hams for the camera I guess is my point. Too much bling.

Shut up and just play because you are good ... just play, strip off the chrome and just play. Be a hockey player and not a controversy in the vein of an Avery. Not the same controversies but similar attention ***** type.
Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I'm 6ft 4 in 245lbs. Nothing fits on me loosely.

You are stereotyping rollerhockey pants. Is that me in your photo? Um .... no. I said I TAPE THEM UP JUST LIKE HOCKEY SOCKS .... NOTHING FLAPS AROUND ANYWHERE. I WEAR AN ICE HOCKEY GIRDLE UNDER THEM. Does the bigger type help you out with this or what? I should add, though it shouldn't matter, that they are a plain black with no designs or striping on them.

I'm not going to touch the Ovi thing again, move on. I wouldn't care if Ovie wore rollerhockey pants. I've explained my issue with him enough already. It is there still to read. Somebody else complained about his celebrating, I didn't.

I do not recall commenting on how Ovechkin looks, not even once.
"I dislike how he hams for the camera."...isn't that complaining about his celebrating??

"Too much bling."...isn't that a comment on how Ovechkin looks?

Maybe you should just say that you don't really know how he plays, just hate him because he's Russian (a la Don Cherry) and state that no matter how many facts, stats polls, etc. indicating the contrary, you think he's a one-dimensional player, blah blah etc. That would probably end this argument.

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