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04-04-2010, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
Like mnwildgophers said, amazing post. Now to the questions:

1. I don't think you can protect picks like in the NBA; however with that said the 2011 first rounder is too much if it is part of the original deal (even with an extension). I like Patrick Sharp but the Wild lose out a little more than they should by giving up on two of their best assets for a good, but not great, player.

2. It's pretty fair and well-thought out for three teams (something which rarely happens in the NHL). If you haven't already posted it in the trade forums, you should do it to see the reaction the three teams give it. My guess is that Chicago fans would want a little more for Sharp and New Jersey fans might wonder why they need another goalie besides Marty/get in the deal, but it's better than 90% of the deals brought up on the board.

3. It really depends on what happens with Bouchard, as it's been a while since anyone has been updated on his status. Until that happens, I'd prepare for the second option.

4. I'd offer Latendresse something along the lines of a one or two-year deal for $2.5 million. $3.5 million is just a little too high for me as in comparison, Sharp received a four-year $3.9 million cap hit after two seasons of 35 and 62 points. There's no rush to get him signed to a long-term deal given he is under club control; however if this year is not a fluke then that could cost more in the future. I'm just a fan of having a little more flexibility unless that person is a cornerstone of the future.
1. Yeah, I figured you couldn't protect them. I think you should though; maybe an issue for the next CBA. From what I've heard, 2011 isn't the deepest draft. Adding Sharpe & a legit #2 center should have the Wild, in my opinion, picking in the latter half (third) of the rounds. That said, we all know how short we are on legit prospects so every little bit helps.

2. I thought I'd let reasonable, level-headed people pick it apart before it was unveiled to the masses

3. Bouchard is one hell of an expensive wrinkle in the offseason plans

4. 2x$2.5 mil is fair. I don't think that we have to worry about his future production. I really think that he is gonna be a consistent 25-35 goal scorer so I personally wouldn't worry about locking him up for longer.

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