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02-14-2005, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Kodiak
There's more to it than just conditioning. Compare the average 3rd liner from the 80s to the average 3rd liner from the past few years. The recent guy is a lot bigger, stronger, faster, and better coached in defensive tactics. The same goes for #5,6, and 7 d-men.

I don't think that lack of talent is the reason for clutching and grabbing. The fact that clutching and grabbing is allowed and effective is the reason. For all the complaining that the stars do about how the game has to open up, when (or should I say if ) they play defense, they do it too. They don't take the high road and play a clean form of defense because this stuff is allowed and it works. So if we knock off 4-6 teams but don't enforce the rules better, all we'll get is better players doing the clutching and grabbing.

Wonderfully put Kodiak. I agree whole-heartedly. NHL's mantra shouldn't be Hard Cap, Hard Cap, Hard Cap, it should be enforce rules, enforce rules, enforce rules.

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