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04-05-2010, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Since I know you're referring to me, I'll say this: I typically stay out of Avery related discussions, since my opinions on him are well established. I chime in when people make false statements, such as him being a 20-point player who doesn't fight. Otherwise, restating my opinion is just overkill, and tends to take things OT. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on the player, and there's no sense in me contributing anything else, so long as the discussion stays withing the realm of reality.

This discussion WAS about Avery's injury, through the first 21 posts. What took it off topic? Post number 22. Who posted it? You. If you have zero interest in discussing his injury, and prefer to take pot shots at a player that you know will generate heated emotions (as you acknowledged earlier), maybe you ought to avoid posting in the thread.

You can talk all you want about how he's overrated and generates disproportionate attention, but as Tortorella said after Avery's injury, he's been arguably our best forward of late, and his loss hurts.

This thread IS about his injury, and I'd advise everyone to try to keep the comments on topic from here on out.
All of what you wrote is correct. I will try not to divert Avery lovefests or Redden bashfests any more.

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