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04-05-2010, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
This girl was a minor for sure but developed ... yikes. I held off on changing as did the other teen to 25 year old boys in there. I started reading my hockey bag as to try not to stare at her.

I felt awkward honestly. I can see your point about an adult female, that probably would not bother me that much. But honestly it never happens either so this was unexpected and i know that rink has the girls change in the ref's lockeroom. they have 4 lockerooms besides the ref one so two lockerooms are used at a time and sometimes you can here women showering in the next one that shares a toilet so I wait until i think it is safe in there to go pee or whatever.

This stuff is strange for sure but really what else can you do but walk in on naked women once in a while because women need to play right?

EDIT: I have been Googling coed locker rooms and have found a ton of lawsuits filed by parents wanting their daughters to share lockerooms with their male teamates. I am actually kind of shocked by the articles I am reading. I guess I really am old and old fashioned?
I would absolutely never share a locker room with males. I understand some parents may want their daughter to feel part of the team or whatever and thus try to get them in there, but.. do people have no modesty or something anymore? I bet the guys' wives wouldnt want them changing with other women, and I wouldn't want other men potentially looking at me.

As for fighting... People shouldn't be idiots and clobber a girl (or anyone). If some guy did that to me and nobody said anything to him, I'd let him know how I felt. But I don't think I would fight anybody; I'm small.

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