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Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
Can't they just Niedermayer him and say he's suspended and not retired? Or are we suggesting he will file his paperwork just to screw the Wings and stick them with a cap hit?

As unhappy as he might be about not playing much this season, I don't think he'd do that. He wants to get invited back for alumni events, after all.

There aren't a lot of scenarios where Holland could trade Ozzie, so I don't think it has anything to do with how much sense he's got.

Who's going to take him after seeing the Wings throw him away because he can't even give you 15-20 games a year as a backup without killing your team? Or are you suggesting the Wings send picks along with him to grease the skids?

There's pretty clear consensus that the Wings would be better off with a cheaper backup, and one that looks better than Ozzie has looked this year.

There's also a pretty clear consensus that they're stuck with each other next season since they can't dump him or buy him out and nobody wants to trade for him. He's going to be around next season unless he retires, and I really don't see that happening.
Good idea about the Niedermayer-esque suspension / pseudo-retirement. However, the Wings would get into trouble if they attempted to circumvent the cap in that manner, working with Osgood in a handshake agreement. For the relatively small amount of salary Osgood is due, it is probably better to just accept the hit. If the space is really that much of an issue, we would do better to dump Ozzie like New Jersey did with Malakhov's contract. Or, we could cook up a groin injury or something that would keep Ozzie on LTIR all season.

However, I agree with the way you finished your post. Ozzie will be back next season, even if it means he only plays in 10 or 12 games. First, he won't retire. He enjoys the game too much, and he still has a year under contract. Secondly, I didn't notice anyone in this thread touch on the relationship between Osgood and Howard. All indications are that they've got a good friendship and that Osgood has become a mentor & supporter for Howard. That gives him value even if he isn't playing.

So, I think the situation in net next season will be just as it is right now. Howard will be the #1, and Ozzie will be the veteran backup. A year from now, though, we'll be shopping for a goalie.

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