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04-05-2010, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
After watching the hit a few more times its clear to me that Blake needs to get a suspension for a couple of reasons.

1. Its a borderline shoulder to shoulder its more shoulder to backside shoulder blade.

2. Mueller didn't even have the puck.

3. Mueller was in a vulnerable position with his numbers facing the boards. These are the type of situations where players need to learn to hold back a little. Blake didn't have to hit him the way he did, there was a better way he could have handle the situation.

4. Consistency. Players like Tucker get suspended for barely even touching a player that ended up falling into the boards awkwardly.

5. Bettman needs to send a message that plays in which you injure a player by hitting them in the head, running them into the boards awkwardly, sticking your leg out etc. isn't acceptable and you will be punished.

Honestly I'm sick of seeing this **** continue players need to stop taking runs at defenseless players.

Look at players like Savard and Booth both of their seasons were ended by ******** plays and who knows what happened to Mueller, I mean his season could easily be over, or at minimum he has a bad concussion.

The worse part is that none of it should have happened because Mueller never even touches the puck. If thats not a defenseless player then I don't know what is.
Blake was trying to time the hit for when the puck reached Mueller. No he didn't have the puck when he got hit and that's why it should've been interference, but it's not like the puck was 10 feet past him either. Blake thought Mueller was going to play the puck, but instead he stopped short and Blake continued to follow through with the hit. Easy to say after the fact that you wouldn't have hit him, but how was Blake supposed to know that he was going to pull up instead of playing the puck?

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