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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Lightweight and mobile are what I am looking for. I am over 40 and do not play like I did 20 years ago with respect to shot blocking or throwing body checks. I only need minimal protection for men's league, maybe encountering a good half slap once in a while perhaps or whatever. Our pickup games allow slapshots so some sort of protection would be good but not full all out armor.

The main thing is it has got to be lightweight and mobile, non-restricive is the goal here.

I really wish the local shops had more stuff to check out in person otherwise I would just order something online. Reading the tackla sizing I would use a 36"-38" waist Tackla size 45 X-Large

I'm looking at Bauers, RBK and Eagle pants online now. I am glad you mentioned the eagle stuff, never heard of it other than seeing some gloves posted in here once in a while.
I was not a fan of the Reebok/RBK stuff, they also seemed heavy compared to other retail pants. The pro 520 pant is bomb-proof and they still make the 7000 pant, which is my second favorite pro pant.

The Eagle pants thing is very new, previously they only really made Gloves, bags, goalie gear and for a short time they had sticks made for them by TT.

Keep in mind that the Tackla fit is slim a comparable pant fit would be the Bauer Vapors. While the Bauer Supreme is SLIGHTLY looser in the legs. With Tackla pants, I have to skate with the zippers unzipped to be comfortable... Which may or may not be the case with you.

Originally Posted by rinkrat22 View Post
Now to TBLfan, are you telling me that my Tackla 9000 pants, (which I love btw) aren't really Tackla's? WTF
If they say Tackla, they are Tacklas... but US Tacklas are made overseas and distributed by Montreal Hockey CO. Canadian Tacklas were made and distributed by Vaughn. Post a picture of the hip area and I can tell you if they are US or Can Tacklas.

Also the inside tag, if it's still there, should give you a hint. This is the tag from my Tackla pants, obviously they are Canadian made.

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