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Originally Posted by MrSandMan View Post
It's hilarious that people are already counting on a rookie netminder to carry this team in the playoffs. Howard has played well this regular season, but to think he'll handle the pressure going deep is absurd. People are already trading the man that can and will carry the team deep, the man that is proven.

Howard for #1 next season? Mmmhm this guy named Steve Mason says hi? No guarantees Howard will be good next year. Again, Wings have Osgood to bail out his keyster.

Howard looked shaky against Nashville. I hope Osgood gets 2 more starts before playoffs, because he could very well be the number 1 if/when Howard falters. And if Osgood continues to progress in to form, I say sit Howard and start Osgood in the playoffs.
1. If coughing up 4 goals, several in very ugly fashion, is "continued progress", then Ozzie is done and there's no point in further discussion.

2. Plenty of goalies have won Cups and made deep playoff runs in their playoff debuts. Jiggy won the Smythe in 2003 in his first playoff. Roy won the Smythe in 1986 as a rookie against Mike Vernon, who took the Flames to the Finals as a rookie himself. Ward won it in 2006 as a rookie. Kipper took the Flames to game 7 in 2004 in his first year as a playoff starter. Ranford won the Smythe in 1990 as a first-time playoff starter. And so on.

These days it has become more and more likely that a rookie will do at least as good in the playoffs as anybody else. If they can stay composed, they have an advantage over shooters who haven't seen them and don't have full scouting reports on them yet because they're so new to the league.

You need your goalie to get hot, that's basically all there is to it. Ozzie hasn't been hot for 11 months. Howard has been either hot or warm for the past 2 months straight. It's much more likely that he'll be the better choice in the playoffs.

I think if there are a couple games left and the Wings' slot is locked up they will give Ozzie another start or two just in case they end up needing him, but that looks like it will be an absolute last-ditch effort judging from the way Babcock has been riding Howard the last 4 months.

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