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04-05-2010, 04:17 PM
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I was as skeptical as anyone last year as we tried to salvage the missing the playoffs by convincing ourselves it was all good because after the all-star break we were on pace for what? 110 points or something over an 82 game stretch? Nonsense I said. Not to be negative, but because let's face it, there was no way this group of guys was gonna have 100-plus points this year. There was no way. I figured we would finish around 10th place, maybe squeak into 8th if we were lucky, but I was expecting mediocrity and was bracing myself for it.

Now lo and behold what do we have here? Our team defies all logic. No star player, no big scorer, and two goalies that share time in net. 100 point season. I've been a Trotz and Poile homer for quite some time but not even I imagined what could've happened this year. Sad thing is, if we get eliminated in the first round this year again people will see it as a disappointment yet again, which in itself is a testament to how good Trotz and Poile are at what they do. They will be a victim of their own success, but whatever the case may be, I'm glad we have some success rather than none.

I don't think some Preds fan realize how lucky we are to have the success we do on a yearly basis. Since 2002-2003, our worst finish has been 10th and even then we were in the race until the last weekend. How much do you want to bet 3/4ths of the teams across the league wish they had as much consistency as we do? Pretty much half of our existence we have been a competitive team in the playoff hunt and a team that no one wants to face. I remember late last year during a Wings game, FSN Detroit had a poll, "Which team do you least want to face in the first round?" Nashville, Columbus, St. Louis, Anaheim, Minnesota. Coming in with a landslide victory in that poll was the Preds, with almost 60% of Wings fans wanting nothing to do with us. Not bad since that was our worst season in recent memory.

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