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04-05-2010, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Uh oh... is someone a little sensitive?

The last 3 times someone has had a difference in opinion than you on a ranger's player you have attacked their "hockey intelligence" instead of presenting a better argument. Instead of calling people lazy how about this... as i said in several previous posts make a CLEAR list of all the positive things that Rosival does. You haven't made one yet and something tells me you won't in the future. Instead you gave me some meaningless statistics that you believed would silence me and you responded on my list of what rosival does. You are more worried about "winning" battles with people on this forum than actually presenting clear and valid arguments. I would not bother denying that, it seems pretty true, as you said to me "Admit Defeat" and as you keep on trying to disprove other posters' opinions by telling others that what they write is worthless... therefore implying that your opinion is superior and more correct than others who post. I'm not in some sort of battle with you, and people who go into these arguments with that mentality will always lose the point of the original argument they are trying to make. You have no central idea that you have been trying to prove, and neither do most of the posts that support Rosival's play in this thread. All you guys say is "he's been our most valuable defenseman" but thats the extent of it. You might sprinkle in a few statistics, or just say "in relation to the other ranger defensemen Rosival is in fact our best one".

No that's not the mark of a well playing defensemen... his play in comparison to the other 5 defensemen on the team. Nothing he does is above average, nothing he does is worth his salary. And until someone on this thread can give me a clear list of reasons why Rosival is worth his 5 million dollar a year salary, or just a list of the positive characteristics of Rosival's play (something that he does better than other defensemen... or just well for that matter), I will not acknowledge that he is a good defenseman, or even decent.

And by the way i can't see how you would be comparing Lisin to Dubinsky. Lisin was never given the opportunity to consistently play on this Rangers team, let alone play on either of the top 2 lines. Dubinsky has been playing on top lines ever since he was paired with Jagr in his rookie year. What does Dubinsky have that makes you all drool over him? He has some fire, which is good, but he's not too great on his faceoffs (after all he is a center) and he's not offensively talented for that matter, as someone said his max potential is 25 and 25. He's a puck hog, he can't create plays on his own, he can't get a grasp on the greater scheme of a play, he'll try and control the puck with 1 skate while shouldering off defenders with his other (usually that will end up with him controlling the puck to the end line and then scrapping some shot where he has no angle). Then again, when he does have a clear shot itll be one of the easiest the goalie has ever seen as it will go right to his chest. But I'm not really complaining. Dubinsky's contract is in check with his play as he's worth most every penny of it. He however is not a 1st line center nor a 2nd. He is a 3rd, he's an "energy player" as i call him. He should be counted on to bring the team energy, to be on the grinding line (the physical line), not as the center who will be on the same line as the team's best offensive talent. He doesnt have the speed to keep up with those players, nor does he have the intelligence on ice to be compatible with those players. As for Lisin, how can you make an assumption on his play by calling him "the dumbest player in the hockey league" when we haven't seen enough of him to know. His role is so inconsistent that all we could be seeing from him is jitters.
As usual, I see a lot of words in your posts, but no valid points.

As far as my list of what he does well, I already stated I wouldn't provide that list for you since you said it yourself, you're unable to give an unbiased opinion about Rozy because you do not like him. That means, no matter what argument I present, you'll shoot it down for your personal reason's.

You criticize Rozy for never, ever blocking shots. Statistically, he's ranked in the 30's amongst dmen in that category.

You criticize Rozsival for taking too many penalties. I provide you some data showing you that he averages less than 1 minor every other game.

You criticize Rozsival for forcing too many turnovers. He has 26 turnovers on the year, which averages out to about 1 turnover every 3 games.

Why don't you explain how you came to your conclusions that ultimately prove to be wrong? How do you criticize Rozsival for not blocking shots when he's ranked in the 30's in the league? Or criticize Rozsival for making too many turnovers, when he only averages 1 every 3 games? The answer for that is simple. It's bolded, and highlighted, actually.

Enough with you. I'm not going to sink any more of my time in a discussion that you can't even keep up with. I feel like I'm arguing the color of the sky with you with all the dumb, unresearched statements you're tossing around.

Your opinion isn't some sort of edict from god. Back up your statements with data and statistics that prove your garbage theory's. Odds are you can't though. The only crutch you have in this discussion, is opinion.

So explain to me why I should value your opinion when you post blatant lies? Because that's what I consider them to be at this point.

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