Thread: Andrew Gross: Callahan's back on the ice
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04-05-2010, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
nice to see Cally on his way back.

Totally OT:

This day has been an entire nightmare, and I can put full blame on Dolan for it. Just bought a house, and I havent had TV for 5 days, missed last 3 Rangers games due to the move, and wanted to get Fios- but since Dolan and Cablevision just love controversy and cable wars, I was stuck with getting Cablevision because I dont have good satellite exposure.

So today I got in 2 separate technicians who told me they couldn't drill a hole in my wall to install the cable (house never had a line) because there were too many wires at the drill site. (???) After 6 hours of back and forth and being told that a new technician would come back and then hes not coming back, I find out that my electrician is going to meet a separate technician there, that I didnt even know about (cablevision called my electrician! ??) and they are trying to do it together.

Why is cable such a ****ing problem? ITS ****ING TELEVISION. It cant be a more simpler thing. WIRE = CABLE- install wire = CABLE. Cablevision SUCKS and now i have to pay this ****ing clown DOLAN a year subscription until the FIOS mess is resolved. This is incredible.
you could always wire it yourself.

i wired my entire house for cable, ethernet, and telephone. so frikkin easy.

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