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04-05-2010, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by thespeckledkiwi View Post
Keep telling yourself that;
I will, because its true.

Minnesota got handcuffed with awful contracts at the beginning of the season, a very depleted prospect group and not much to work with in terms of players but a big payroll. Fletcher really didn't put his stamp on the team until he started shifting players from Riser's regime (Weller) to other teams.
What team doesn't have bad contracts? If you are referring to PMB, then its a non issue since he was put on LTIR, meaning that 4 mil was available for use.
And Fletcher moving players like Pouliot, Weller, and Johnsson for Latendresse, Kobasew, and Barker is a bad thing?

Yes he brought in Havlat but he had to cover for Riser letting Gaborik walk or else this team would have no one shooting the puck.
Havlat wanted to come here to play; it had nothing to do for atoning for Gaborik's departure. And if it makes your pessimistic heart feel better, Havlat doesn't shoot the puck enough.

Riser crippled this team for years to come and Minnesota will need to think long and hard about each decision including:

- Koivu's contract
- Burns development (this is directly related to Riser's handling of the roster. Burns got bounced a lot, never settled on a role with the organization and when he finally did, he ended up exploding)
- Backstrom's contract (6 million for a goaltender that isn't what this organization needs at this time is a lot of money (1/9th of the roster's money)
- Bouchard's contract (if Bouchard returns)
- Sheppard and Gillies development (as sad as it is, Sheppard needs to develop or else Minnesota is going to be in worse shape. Same goes with Gillies)

We also, for some odd reason, still have Thompson employed here.
Risebrough didn't cripple this team. He didn't employ any form of prospect development, which leads to a lack of in house talent, which forces a GM to look outside of the organization for a cost.

There's nothing that can be done about Backstrom and Bouchard's contracts- you could argue they look worse than they are because of the respective situations, but at the time they were steals because they were below what those players could have gotten on the market.
I'm not worried about Koivu's contract. Are you? You honestly think there would be an impasse?

Re: Sheppard and Gillies. They just need to play; Houston is the right spot for Gillies, and Sheppard, while his development was botched, he just needs ice time, whether its here or there.

And you're taking it out your frustration on Thompson, because he's the mouthpiece for the former scouting staff and prospect decisions. Its a different regime now, he's just the spokesman.

Its not like Doug Risebrough did irreversible damage to this organization, or "crippled" us. If he did, we'd be Tampa Bay.

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