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04-05-2010, 05:16 PM
Bort Sampson
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One thing I would suggest doing is pointing at the spot you're shooting. Right now you have the puck lined up with the spot you want to hit, and you're shooting high, so you're going to be precise. But when you're shooting from different angles from different spots in front of the net, you're not going to be able to have time to line things up like that.

The over-under-over motion is a very, very good description of how to take a wrist shot. As previously mentioned, when you roll your wrists to aim your shot, you're going to want to restrict your forward swing and point at your spot. Try to finish your forward motion a little lower, and finish by pointing exactly where you want the shot to go.

The over-under-over motion is great because it teaches you to cup the puck and whip it towards the spot. You want to roll your wrists so that the front of your blade is facing downwards when you finish. If you leave it open similar to how you have it now, your motion is more similar to a high saucer pass.

The power is pretty good, actually. You're learning weight transfer correctly, as your shots are generally going in a straight line without dipping. Once you get the aiming down, try moving the board you're shooting off of a few feet in either direction.

Take your time. Have fun shooting.

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