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04-05-2010, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by captainpaxil View Post
those arent really tradable assets for us which is why the back and forth has gotten so annoying.

the habs are looking to move a goalie the flyers are looking to move d. if they cant do it around that then were both better looking for value elswhere.
That's exactly my point. I've said all along that Flyers/Habs are not good trading partners as the Flyers tradeable assets do not meet the Habs team needs.

The Habs / Blues meanwhile are perfect trade partners. The Blues have 1st/2nd round picks, a plethora of high-end prospects and young cheap NHL forwards with top-6 potential. In the Habs/Blues threads both fan bases have agreed to a combination of trades that work for both teams.

Habs/Flyers can't agree on 1 trade that would work for either team.

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