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04-05-2010, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by hof2120 View Post
Ugh, I hear that brother. I'm more stressed right now than any teenager should be. My grades are slippin like crazy, I'm working way too much and on top of all that my friend is trying to drag me into a fight between her and her boyfriend (who happens to be a really good friend of mine). She's cute as hell and I'm not sure why she would be (just look at me in the video, I'm not the best lookin guy) but I think she's into me. But I can't do that to this kid, he's literally been there for me forever and has helped me through so much ****. Typical teenage ******** but the ****'s stacked so high I can't see over it lol.

But I digress. I finally have a day off from everything tomorrow so I'm gonna practice literally from sun up to sun down.
Practice can wait man, no one here is going pro. You're in your last year of HS? Or first year of Uni? Either way, focus on studies for now, maybe an hour or two of shooting practice if you feel you can fit it in. There'll be plenty of time in the summer for shooting.

BTW, how long have you been practicing for? How do your elbows feel? Mine start to feel like **** after too much shooting.

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