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04-06-2010, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
By the sounds of it, Bauer Supreme pants would be your best bet if you dont mine the spine protector. They have zippers in the legs so you can open them up and they feel as comfy as cargo shorts.

Or go with a girdle and a shell.

Best thing you can do is go try them on... I don't think you'd be happy with Tackla/Eagle pants. When you try some on, mess around with sizes and go with what feels best. The Bauer Supreme series is where I'd recommend you start from but if you bring home CCM, TPS or Mission pants, I wouldn't be totally shocked. I'd be pretty shocked if you went with Tackla, Reebok or Bauer Vapor pants though. I haven't checked out the Easton retail pants but Easton do have a pretty good protective line.
Bauer Supreme (I have the One75) are quite comfortable and offer a good mix of protection and mobility. And like you mentioned, they have the zippers on the inner thighs if you like the extra freedom there. Like you said, though, the spine protector is a bit of a nuisance. My jersey on my one team is like an XXL and it still gets caught behind the spine protector and makes me look like Patrice Bergeron wanna-be.

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