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04-06-2010, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by jaPhx View Post
Thanks for the responses.

The website says "No scrimmaging" so I don't think there will be any pickup games going. There are different times for that.

Maybe I'll wait until I get full gear, gonna take a couple months to get it all unless I want the Mrs on my case. Was thinking of just getting a few things and practicing shots before I get all my gear.
If you are new to skating I would wait until you have some butt protection like hockey pants. Shooting pucks on ice when starting is not easy and the motion from shooting sometimes will wipe you out into a hard crash on the ice.

Other than that the helmet (with visor if the rink requires it), skates and gloves would be enough for a stick and puck that has no scrimmages posted.

Oh .... and bring a puck. maybe like 10 of them. I always bring about 12 with me because i seem to hit things like the crossbar or dasher or something and the pucks go through up into the netting and drop behind the glass.

It is a pet peeve of mine to be on an indoor or outdoor rink and some schmuck shows up and doesn't have any pucks. I mean seriously who goes to play without a friggin puck! Most rinks offer non-marking pucks so their board do not turn black from puck marks thankfully.

Then these goons try to grab one of mine and they get a "hey hey wait a minute there, those are mine". .... hey they are $1.50 each and these guys shoot them out into the woods or seats losing them and then do not go look for them when they are done.

Okay sorry for the rant there but it drives me nuts!

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