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Originally Posted by night-timer View Post
A team mate often talks about player ability reaching a 'plateau', a sort of standstill that stays for a long time before moving up a notch. I feel that's where I'm at now.

He says these are the points where any further improvement will require a concentrated effort or you'll stay at the same level of ability forever.

He also says that some players can plateau quite early in their playing career. We know a player who has been on many teams but is never very good -there's never any noticeable improvement, despite lots of ice time.

Has this occurred to anyone else? It was something I have been wrestling with for some time on my own, then a discussion about these 'plateaus' broke out last week.

It's easy to start feeling as though you've gone as far as your skills are ever going to get. My ability doesn't seem to be improving at all, despite the extra practice.
If you are still playing youth hockey...invest in a Summer camp. Check out your local camps first. If you want to invest in an out of the country camp i recommend that you invest in a camp in Victoria BC. Try find a camp with Boris Dorozhenko. He is a european power skating coach that does camps in BC. But he lives in Arizona and does private class at costs that would drive a parent crazy. But he is worth the cash.

Look up this name on youtube: Chris Kelo. You will find it under passthepuck. You will hear boris in the background. He is running this camp in Phoenix, which I have recorded.Plus, you can also go here: eurom99 Check both links out.

I guess what I"m trying to tell you is that in order to get your game to the next level, you will have to think outside of the box. Hockey coaches somethimes come out of the same mold. So sometimes inorder to get to the next level, you might need a coach that will make you work outside of the box!

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