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04-06-2010, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
absolutely, im certianlly the jackass here... and was that a shot at my grammar? did I even make a mistake? and if i did, and thats the route you'd like to take, then run with it big guy

anyway, you've made some pretty asinine comments throughout this thread that give the impression that you do not ackowledge good defensive performances when they are deserved

as was I, he was brutal...i never said that people generally have a problem judgeing forwards, or noticing mistakes made by any saying the general problem is people not apreciating or acknowledging GOOD plays by defensmen

not really sure what your trying to say here, but i was talking about how in the eyes rangers fans, one of their defensman quietly and effectively executing his primary job is rarely, if ever, enough to gain their approval

you absolutely should notice, those are not the plays im talking about...if a player makes a, "STUPID STUPID STUPID play resulting in a goal" then you are completely justified in being mad about it...that goes for all players, including the oft-untouchable goalie

but the problem is when people like you refuse to acknowledge good plays and good games where those types of mistakes aren't made

for instance....Rosi could play lights out for 10 games straight, but be the closest defender to the guy who gets the game winning goal against and be crucified on the boards...meanwhile, i'd have a hard time believing that if Prospal was coming off a 5 game goal scoring streak, and blew coverage on a backcheck that directly resulted in the game winning goal against, he'd get the same treatment

whatever chief...i've seen both of those events happen... slight mistakes in the middle of a fantasic game that didn't cost the team anything, resulting in Rosi getting boo'd

im not saying that all criticsm is undeserved by any just saying its painfully obvious that fans around here don't watch/judge defensemen the same as forwards
No fans watch both positions equally. Gomez, Drury, and Naslund all got booed last season as well. Straka and Nylander were booed themselves at points when they were with the Rangers. Voros and Brashear have gotten booed as well. What do all of those players have in common with Rosival and Redden? They are all underachievers. Rosival is never consistent. As i've said if he has a good streak of games then be prepared for an even longer streak of terrible playing. That is why the fans boo him constantly.

Let me get this straight... You are saying that the majority of Rangers fans (the fact is the majority of rangers fans do boo rosival) are all incorrect, ignorant and stupid while you and your 3 other amigo's here are all correct? Are you claiming that you know more than roughly 100,000 fans? Please. Don't make me laugh.

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