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04-06-2010, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by mullichicken25 View Post
i know others have been boo'd, i never said saying the boo's are handed out much more generouslly to our blue line while the pats on the back are significantly harder to obtain

yup...pretty much

keep in mind that plenty of people on your side of the fence think Sean Avery is the best hockey player on the team, and the rangers were going to be screwed when they let Ortmeyer go
wow. that's arrogance.

i wouldn't say that even more than 1/50 of the fans that boo rosival consider avery the best player on the team. He however is the most energetic player on the team.

And Ortmeyer? Of course, people were mad when he was gone, but in the end he was a 3rd line player, and most of all he was a comeback/feel good story that all fans appreciated and respected. People weren't mad because it meant that the Rangers would be screwed. People were angry because the rangers didnt so much as give him the respect that he deserved.

Stop giving me hasty generalizations that you're making up as you're going. The fact IS Rosival and Redden are the most booed players on this team. It isnt a coincidence, it isnt because of a lack of hockey knowledge from the fans, it isnt because of a lack of observation from the fans, it isnt because of a lack of credit given to ranger defensemen from the fans, it is because both are not worth anything close to their salaries as both are huge underachievers. Neither gives any extra effort on any given play in any given game. Neither excels in any part of their game. Neither player sticks up for their team mates, takes team mates under their wing, or even tries their hardest to help the team out. Forget about the last month and a half of positive play from rosival... where was he all of last season? His play was disgraceful. After watching him and Redden for the entirety of a season i felt embarrassed that the Rangers defense had become what it was. I'm sure there are a lot more passionate fans, who have watched a hell of a lot more games than you peewee, who have committed a lot more emotion into this team than you, that have noticed Rosivals terrible play and justifiably booed.

I'm still kind of stunned that you actually believe that what you say is superior to the majority of Ranger fans. Forget about people on this thread, i'm talking about fans who don't even come to this board. That's tens of thousands!

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