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02-15-2005, 03:31 AM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids

some interesting links posted in this thread.
Being able to stay up late finally pays off!

Just in case anyone doesn't want to go there for the links:

Ottawa Sun Article
A source told the Sun a group of six players -- that was believed to include Roenick, Pronger and Iginla -- was trying to pitch a deal which would see the NHLPA accept a salary cap, likely with a $42-million US limit but without a link to revenues.

Roenick confirmed that he was part of the group in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer last night, but said his role was only to call other players and gauge their interest in a salary cap without a link to revenues.

"I was involved with a group of NHL players who were trying to get as many (players) as possible to come on board with a resolution that works for both sides.
TSN Article
Daly began the process Monday by offering a $40-million salary cap without ``linkage'' - a fixed link between player costs and league revenues, which has long been the centrepiece of the NHL's bid for cost certainty.

The union counter-offered with the $52-million team-by-team salary cap. The players' proposal also featured more aggressive payroll tax thresholds and tax rates on team payrolls.
I bought into a rumor a few weeks or a month ago, only to get burned. And I have/had pretty much given up all hope and just assume the season is already cancelled. So I refuse to be sucked into this web of optimism and hope. But it's so hard. After reading that stuff about being only ~$10 mil. apart and some players could accept a cap, I feel myself wanting to start imagining about seeing a press conference saying the season is saved and going to the first home game and cheering for the Preds and cursing at the wings/flames/bjs. I'm trying not to get too high, but...Damn them all if nothing gets done!!!!

I had a dream a good while ago, but I'm afraid to tell it, for fear of some kind of jinx, but it's starting to mirror what could be potentially happening.

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