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04-06-2010, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Radek27 View Post
Okay but your whole thing is the fans who boo guys like this know these playes are worthless. How can a guy who is top 4 on the best team in the East be worthless IE Tom Poti who was boo'd more than any Ranger D in recent memory except Quintal who just deserved it for being such a ****** bag. Rozsival always has a slow start to the season, he's been here a while now you should know that. When the guy is on he is a top four defender and he's paid as such. I just wish he used that damn slap shot more.
Well Poti deserved being booed as well. He was as frustrating to watch as Redden is. He'd make all sorts of mistakes, ones that resulted in goals for the other teams or worse ones that resulted in game losing goals.

The boos he received he deserved. His play in Washington is not the same as it was here. If Rosival goes to another team and does that well then they will reap his benefits but he doesnt do it here and therefore he will continue to hear the boos.

I would disagree with the top 4 assessment. At best he's a 3 at worst he's a 6. Thats not 5 mill a season, that's more like 2.5-3.5 mill a season. Thing is he rarely plays at 3 and is usually around a 4 or 5 level yet he continues to get 1 minutes. And yes i wish he used that slap shot more too. Itd help the Rangers out. But he doesn't so he'll continue to be criticized by me. =P

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