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Originally Posted by <Mr Jiggyfly> View Post
Going to go refer back to my old post and strongly suggest you learn how to take a snapshot and not worry so much about your wrist shot - I've been playing since I was a little kid (25+) years and I can't even remember the last time I used a wrist shot.

I know people in this thread say you should learn both, but if you don't believe me, watch any NHL game and a majority of players use snapshots.

Anyway, that's my peace on that.

No matter which shot you use (snap or wrist), I'd suggest modifying your weight transfer to your inside leg. I know people have given you a lot of advice in this thread, but again, watch NHL players as a point of reference.

You will notice the ones with the most lethal shots always shoot off of their inside leg.

You will want to flex your inside leg (left) and kick out your back leg (right) so you are leaning all of your weight down onto the blade, then transfer that weight into your shot.

Here is a good shot of AO right after he snaps the puck:

Shooting like this will also help you get the puck off faster when you come out of your turns.

Remember, lean fwd on your left leg, almost like you are balancing yourself on your shaft, then transfer that energy into your shot and kick out your back leg.

It will feel awkward at first, but once you get it down, it will dramatically improve your shot.
All of that is valid, however, you need to learn both ways. AO will also shoot snappers/wristers from across his body as he moves from left wing to right. You need to know how to shoot both ways, off both feet and with the proper weight transfer for both.

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