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04-06-2010, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
As I said above, if you like the girdle feel, look at some of those. There are some nice ones out there and they are more flexible in some ways than pants if you like the "tight" feel to them. Sounds like that might be a good way for you to go and the shells are cheap.

Something like the One95 girdle:

Or the CCM Vector Pro:

Both about $85-$90 and shells are about $30-$35. Give top end pant protection with the girdle feel.
You're probably right, a newer better designed girdle just might be best because of the fit I like. I have seen the shells online at places like Hockeymonkey and they look okay to me. i would definitely have to get some of those thin newer styled Reebok socks though. I need them to breathe like the roller hockey pant does on the legs.

The CCM one you posted looks good to me because of the inside of the legs which look like there isn't much in the way there.

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