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02-15-2005, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Jason MacIsaac
You missed the point. If Ahonen wanted to fight Emery he would have went to him. Ahonen didn't go to Emery, he skated right by him, so his first thought should have been "HE DOESN'T WANT TO FIGHT ME".

No you miss the point. ex: In a line brawl (NOT BENCH CLEARING) you've got say Parisť, Subogolov, and Skrlac as a forward line, the B sens have Spezza, Vermette and McGrattan. If McGrattan drops the gloves and goes for Parisť bc Parisť and Subogolov are double teaming Vermette bc V. punched Parisť from behind do you think Skrlac will just wait around to challenge someone else, or go after McG and stop him from joining?

Originally Posted by Pepper
Because Ahonen was helping his teammate who was getting doubleteamed by Sens.
Its not like they jumped him. Clouthier PUNCHES KELLY FROM BEHIND then Platil comes in to protect him. Kelly gets back up and starts grappling. Thats not the same thing as a straight up double team. Stop trying to mess up the facts.

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