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04-06-2010, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I've never done it and do not know anyone who has. I would hate getting the wrong lie that I use. The curve would not bother me that much as I can adapt to anything ... for example I use a tough curve to get used to begin with which is the Getzlaf / Lidstrom type.

The other thing is the flex as mentioned here but you are posting about pro stock sticks I think, I may be more tempted from that alone.

But yeah for me the biggest thing is the lie more than anything else.

from the Hockey Monkey site ...

This is a great opportunity to purchase Grade A composite hockey sticks for a fraction of the price! Get brand name sticks, including Easton, RbK, CCM, Mission, Warrior & Farrel!


For the low price of $179.98 you will receive three senior composite sticks, selected at random, in the side of your preference
The sticks you receive will be unused, retail or pro-stock quality sticks.
Original retail value of the sticks you receive will be at least $400.00
Due to the nature of this item, we cannot accept requests for specific flexes or patterns

There are no returns, all sales are final.

Sticks may have minor cosmetic blemishes, which do not effect the performance or duability of the stick.

Senior Mystery Composite Hockey Stick 3 Pack
Reg. Price: $599.99Our Price: 179.98

You can take 410 off that for a lefty set.

For that cheap a price getting three quality sticks is a good deal even if you get two that are useless you would still get one at a fair price in my opinion.

I would be happy if only two were useful to me and resell the third on eBay or whatever.
Thanks for all of the quick responses.

My mistake, you're right, they're senior sticks not pro. The other reason why I was debating this is because I am a lefty so I'm hoping the stock will be better? I know I shouldn't be counting on "should" but it could happen haha. Is there a quick guide on flex, lie etc and how they affect the setup? Thanks again to everyone who responded so fast.

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