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04-07-2010, 01:34 AM
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Skate Problem

Ok I'm new to playing the game of Ice Hockey and I have a pair of Bauer Vapor XXX skates. The left skate is perfect but the right is driving me insane. It keeps coming loose and my heel fits akwardly and I feel as if my foot sits higher in teh skate than the left. Upon observation and consultation I have discovered the following:

1- My laces don't stay as tight because my foot is pushing up on the tongue so when I try to tighten, the laces are pushed slack. To describe it best, the first 4 lace crosses tighten right on the tongue and actually seem to dig into the tongue unlike on my left foot.

2- The insole is a factory lemon, the place I bought it from said it was definitely a bad insole and gave me after market insoles that are waaaay too thick for me.

3- I believe the bad insole is causing my heel to sit awkwardly in the skate which only adds to my problems being the skates coming lose and my ankle rolling in the skate

Can anyone here give me any insight as to what I should do. I took the insole out and tied up the skates and it seems to fit a lot better soleless but i=on ice playing I don't know how it will affect my feet. Also, I do not know whether or not to by an insole as it would need to be really thin so my foot could fit. Any ideas?

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