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04-07-2010, 08:22 AM
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No Phys, the naysayers are not on to something. This franchise definitely needs a serious overhaul, but it doesn't deserve to be moved. If our own fans start doubting the teams existence here in Atlanta then who the hell is going to be left to defend them? Don't give them any help. They don't need it.

Originally Posted by PHYS251
There is simply no excuse for a metro area this size not coming to support their team, on the last week of the season, while we were in the middle of a playoff race, when the team's best former player ever is back in town for the first time.
I really don't understand what some people think the fans owe Kovalchuk. Why should they show up just because he is coming back with another team? It's not like the guy won us a cup or even a single playoff game. I'm not placing the sole blame for that on him but come on... I mean thanks for spending the first part of your career with us but you're on the other team now so who cares? His contract situation was so drawn out that half the fans were pissed off about the situation by the time he was traded anyway.

As for being in the middle of a playoff race, that was a week or two ago. Just looking at the points in the standings before this game started and it was virtually impossible for the Thrashers to make it in anyways. Boston and Philly were not going to be caught by us. There was a slim chance of catching Boston but that would mean them losing basically all the rest of their games. You could hope that Philly would lose the rest of their games as well, fine. But then that means losing 2 of them to the Rangers who are also ahead of us in the standings which then hurts us just as badly as philly winning them anyway.

The time for the fans to show up because "we're in the middle of a playoff race" was 1, 2, even 3 weeks ago. NOT last night.

I just want to say, this forum is really starting to get tough to read. There is so much bellyaching around this place day after day. I don't know how someone is actually supposed to enjoy posting and reading on this forum with all this crap and whining popping up all the time.

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