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04-07-2010, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by PHYS251 View Post
There is simply no excuse for a metro area this size not coming to support their team, on the last week of the season, while we were in the middle of a playoff race
Don't fool yourself. Our playoff chances have been on life support since the Boston game. We weren't in a "playoff race" with last night's game, we were hanging on for dear life in a conference that has shown the world exactly how crappy it is. We would have long since been eliminated if we were in the west with 81 points.

People here are tired of the mediocrity, and would undoubtedly show up for meaningful games, no matter when they took place. If we burst into the playoffs and win a round or two, you'll have all those fans in that line to Alpharetta, regardless if it's baseball, football, or even hunting season. Regardless of whether the games were played on a Tuesday or a Sunday in the middle of the NFL season. Hell, you'd start to see more and more people making a "sports day" out of Sundays, attending the Falcons game at 1pm, then walking across to Philips for the Thrashers game, undoubtedly starting at 5pm or so.

Don't give us this "chink in the armor" nonsense. If you want to say you feel bad, come out and say it. Me? I want change, and I want it now. And I don't mean a change of city for this Thrashers team, either.

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