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04-07-2010, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Toque-trick View Post
This whole franchise just needs to be gutted: ownership, management, and hell if I was buying this outfit I'd even petition King Gary and his Board of Governors to change the name, logo, and colors of the team as well. This organization is just toxic and needs an absolute fresh start with people who truly care for and understand the game. The best marketing firm, community relations, youth development and MOST importantly, the best General Manager and Coach money can buy need to be brought in.

And then I would line them up in a press conference with all the local channels and say "Here's my commitment to you the fans and the game of "professional hockey" in this market. Say hello to all these wonderful new people - absolutely the best in the business. But I'm warning you now, don't get too fond of them because if we're not in the playoffs in 3 years, -make it 2 years if we're not even close- every one of them is fired and I'll be holding a new presser to introduce the new crew. Losing and mediocrity will NOT BE TOLERATED."

I would like to apply as Zamboni Driver for your new franchise!

And hey everyone....don't EVER forget that Waddell CHOSE to keep Kovy around.

Don't let it fool you. If you parents out there let your kids take the reigns in your house, how many people would be blaming the kid for his dumbassery? I dare say people would blame the parents. Waddell did not do his job. He left Kovy out there and in the end, he made the "kid" the bad guy. Waddell should have put on his "Big Boy Pants" and set a deadline.....YES OR NO.

You think Lou Lamourello would have let him hang around in hopes that people would show up to games until March 1? No, and that's why Kovy said this organization is hopeless in so many words.

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